Words, Words, Words ...
In the beginning was the word
Excuse the Biblical touch. Something that everybody knows but nobody really thinks about. What are the origins of so many words? Who coined what phrase? Why do some expressions become popular? What damage can we do with them?

And why the Tag? Good question! Is it an noun? Or a verb? Is it a label that we put to identify things or is it to follow closely on something? Or trail behind? Is it an identify mark, like that of a graffiti artist? Or maybe a loose end? And here’s where we go back to the word….

That’s what this webpage is all about. For native English speakers, but with a particular bent for those poor people who have been inflicted, having to live with English as their second language. For everybody. For the intellectually curious, for those who are looking for other ways to express themselves in a language that isn’t theirs and of course for people who love to learn new things, for whatever reason that may be.

Word has it....

That we are receiving more and more people who have the same inflictions as us, be they from.... well, wherever they may be. People who enjoy learning new things, be it whatever language they speak in originally. Quite exciting!

Why don´t you tag along with us and have some fun?

We have many sections for you. For the afflicted, you can check out your level with our level tests. Included are some activities which are not for the faint hearted.

If you are looking for ESP courses we also have something for you. If you are Trivia fans we have something for you too. Try our Tag quiz.

And if you are curious, go to Did you know...?

If you are looking for like minded people around the world……. Penpal Club

Also resources mini courses and different ways to improve your English, but having fun while doing it.

We hope that this will be the first visit of many.

So! Let the fun and learning begin. And remember… this is a work in process.
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TESTS - General Level Test   (50 questions)
- Level Test Elementary A1   (56 questions)
- Level Test Pre Intermediate A2   (39 questions)
- Level Test Intermediate B1   (54 questions)
- Level Test Upper Intermediate B2   (35 questions)
- Level Test C1   (33 questions)
- Level Test C2   (37 questions)
- Level Test More Advanced ....   (49 questions)
- Money Crossword   (11 words)
TAG QUIZ - Englishtag Tag Quiz: You answer questions - You ask questions. Play without loggin in!
TEACHERS - Search for a teacher!
Internet, telephone and presential classes.
PENPALS - Meet people all over the world!
RESOURCES - A few Grammar Tips
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Online Games
Online Dictionaries
Online Literature

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Greer Garson
"Starting out to make money is the greatest mistake in life.
Do what you feel you have a flair for doing, and if you are good enough at it, the money will come. "
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